About Us

About Pat Inc.

Founder and CTO John Ball worked on neural networks with luminaries like Marvin Minsky, the father of A.I. at MIT. Browsing in a bookstore at Princeton, John stumbled upon a book that showed how to match text straight to meaning. Professor Van Valin, the man behind that book on RRG, is now our CSO. Still, no one thought that matching meaning was scalable on machines. Today, Pat’s team is focused on meaning: an area overlooked by today’s AI companies due to its complexity. A few patents later, Pat opens up a multi-billion dollar blue ocean to complement current A.I. solutions which will never beat a 3-year old in NLU. For example, Pat could facilitate A.I. plays like Siri and Watson to have a more meaningful conversation.

Founded in 2015, Pat Inc. is building the leading ‘meaning as a service provider’ for all A.I. based applications in the market. Focusing on its bold vision to humanize conversation with machines, Pat has made the radical breakthrough in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) by integrating RRG with a patented neural network. Linking straight to meaning results in the accurate intent in human language. In 2016, the company launched an API in private beta that adds meaning to A.I. products in multiple languages. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California with R&D facilities in Sydney, Australia, Pat is privately owned.

Leadership Team

Beth Carey | CEO & Co-Founder

IT Executive, 150+ Business & HR management, B.App.Sc UNSW

John Ball | CTO & Founder

Cognitive Scientist, Inventor Patom Theory, 2 patents, author of “Machine Intelligence”, B.Sc, M.Cog.Sc, MBA
Read John's books: • Speaking Artificial Intelligence • Machine Intelligence: The Death of Artificial Intelligence

Professor Robert Van Valin, Jr. CSO

University Düsseldorf & University at Buffalo NY, Theoretical Linguist, Primary Developer: Role & Reference Grammar (RRG) model, 2008 Max Planck Fellowship; 2006 Research Award for Outstanding Scholars; Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Ph.D. UC, Berkeley

Scientific Advisory Board

Chris Lonsdale | Scientific Advisor

BSc Hons Psychology, First Class honours, Chairman Third Ear Publishing, Tedx speaker over 9m views

Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi | Chief Technology Advisor

AT&T CTO 1986-2006, 1000+ patents BS, MS, Ph.D UCSD

Professor William Foley | Scientific Advisor

University of Sydney, co originator RRG BA Brown, MA & PhD UC Berkeley, FAHA

Professor Daniel Everett | Scientific Advisor

Dean of Arts and Sciences at Bentley University, MA Linguist & Best Selling Author

Professor James Pustejovsky | Scientific Advisor

Computer Science at Brandeis University, PhD MIT NLP & computational analysis of linguistic meaning